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Strategic RFQ pricing platform for forwarders and carriers 


Sourcify RFQ pricing platform
Standard Operational Process with 4000+ RFQ's handled to date

4. RFQ creation

1. Opportunity 


2. Assign leading Area

3. Port pair validation

5. Define and pre-fill RFQ with tariff

6. Publish RFQ

7. Country rate cards and submission

8. Regional review and consistency checks

Manage your regional and country RFQs, involve central AFR and OFR product and much more


Why 7 global forwarders choose Sourcify already? 
  • Digital RFQ process with strong coordination and real-time visibility functionalities
  • Extremely intuitive user-experience
  • Continuous improvement of the platform based on user-feedback
  • Manual workload reduction of minimum 50%
  • Highly customizable dashboard and business insights
  • Configurable (switch ON/OFF) processes and features

Platform summary

From automated data validation and consolidation to RFQ prefill, currency conversions and automated consistency checks - our main goal is to automate and reduce the workload of tender management teams.
Tariff management
Powerful tariff engine includes local, freight and gateway modules. With Sourcify's unique tariff weight logic you are able to create country, city or even zip code specific tariffs. Prefill RFQ's with 2 mouse clicks. All your global colleagues must do, is to review.
Platform for all RFQ formats
While Sourcify's key aspiration is standardization, our unique APP enables forwarders to price every RFQ format through the platform.
Business intelligence
Understand how tender management contributes to the success of the company. Won/lost revenues, conversion ratios and rate level comparison.
Smart notifications
Full transparency of (air)port changes, rate level changes and rate card updates. Avoid surprises and process silos.
Structured approach results in reliable data and process visibility. Get tasks done better as the entire organization speaks the same language. 

The easiest platform to implement

How does it work? 

Review of your current pricing process and agree on business rules

Integration of your internal rate card

DEMO and LIVE platform setup, trainings and testing

Up and running in 4 to 6 weeks

Updates, improvements and change request


Our customers

Sourcify has helped us to streamline the consolidation process within the quotation phase and also to enhance our overview on quoted business for a better analysis


RFQs handled

Johannes Harms, Global Tender Manager

Röhlig Logistics GmbH & Co. KG


Start using today

Transparent pricing depending on the volume of your RFQ-s

Test our software free of charge for a month without any hidden fees. 


per RFQ

395 €

Free trial available

Best for small & medium companies

Access via web browser

Rate collection, validation, consolidation

Includes initial set-up

Includes 2 hours of weekly support

*minimum 10 RFQ’s per month


per RFQ

330 €

Free trial available

Best for large companies

Access via web browser

Full functionality

Includes initial set-up

Includes 5 hours of weekly support

*minimum 40 RFQ’s per month


per RFQ

Custom pricing

Free trial available

Best for custom requirements

Access via web browser

Full functionality

Includes initial set-up

Includes 5 hours of weekly support

*no RFQ limit


Our software is using the latest technology which makes it fast, secure and easily customizable.

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